The final presentation explores the consumer & agricultural financiers potential role in the direct or indirect burning of the Amazon Rainforest.

Presented solution is REDD+ strategies. National REDD+ strategies define a set of policies and programs to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, while enhancing carbon uptake from other REDD+ activities. They define direct and indirect drivers of deforestation, baselines and forest monitoring systems, reference emissions levels, and social and environmental safeguards, among others.

A collaborative system of agricultural financiers funding substainably sound agricultural businesses is a viable supply chain solution. While consumers would be more aware of their purchases are supporting deforestation & adverse impacts to the Amazon Rainforest.

If awareness & accountability is not required by consumers & agricultural financiers then complicity creeps in & fuels unchecked havoc.

Review Report to determine the areas & level in which complicity can lead to the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon

This brief presentation is to challenge both the consumer & agricultural financier to understand their huge impact to how continued deforestation is encouraged through purchasing & lending power. Sustainable practices can be leveraged through these same powers.

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