The following are moments designed to advocate for self reflection, environmental awareness and collaborative solution seeking.

These collection of words, audio & visuals are structured like a YouTube channel with Instagram captions, crafted for Facebook share-ability with Podcast episode overtones. In the timeline of social media feeds there are many highlighted moments & some require more angles. Let’s trek into the more.

Where in the Google Earth are you?
Really, right now where are you?

Look at the Google Earth image above. It starts in outer space & narrows in. It’s something to remember that we are both global & local citizens.

Our physical location can be described in many ways.
Longitude and latitude, section, township and range, plots of land, all these coordinates are similar yet indicates how it can viewed from different perspectives.

Right now take a moment & look around. Where are you?
For some this might be a very interesting question.
No judgement!

The point is when there is an environmental issue we connect or disconnect with it based on where we are physically and our perspective at the time.

When you think about the Amazon burning your coordinates will impact your viewpoint in some way…

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