A Colored Environment are reflections of the price you pay for being you in different environments. The initial recollection is told through the lens of a Black Woman in Science. Applause can get loud around this accomplishment. Nevertheless the tolls to stay in this lane has a cost. In each environment it becomes colored with experiences of joy & difficulty.

Bek, Water Solutions Strategist

In “A Colored Environment” the toll of being Black in America is explored as a bittersweet existence. This expression fits squarely into the topic of environmental racism.

The term “environmental racism” a deeper look into environmental and water issues that plague low income communities with a high percentage of Black residents.

Let’s trek to Uniontown, Alabama and meet the people and understand their plight.

Trek Time: 10 minutes 15 seconds

This trek is further deepened with the presence of the hookworm parasite which is an indicator of extreme poverty when wastewater is untreated and is in contact with the ground for prolonged periods of time. Union town, Alabama is added on to a list of African countries & communities in Brazil. This list is just one example of many where Africa & the African Diaspora experience similar water quality & treatment issues.

Here are articles about the presence of the hookworm in rural Alabama, villages in Brazil & Kenya.

strategic solutions

Please note how as a Strategists ( STEM professionals) the need to be empowered & equipped to engage in collaborative solution seeking. In the video environmental – air, water and land intersect.

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