The Trek With Bek Project was created from a space of compassionate wisdom, strategic hustle & a desire to play a part in collaborative solution seeking for eco driven water issues in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora.

Bekkah (Bek ) Marshall is the project founder. Creating this initiative at her starting point in public housing to a decade plus of collective adventures as a Trained Environmental Scientist, Certified Environmental Health Professional and Environmental & Water Consultant.

The Trek With Bek Project is a part of a greater vision working & connecting women-led scholar, strategist & stakeholder organizations.

The methods, mindset & moves made within my company are evident in the core of the Project.

Represented in 3 areas of focus the vision moves forward.


BE EMPOWERED from a personal perspective.

GET CONNECTED with collaboration.

BE EQUIPPED with professional knowledge & skills.


In a multidimensional process – women-led organizations are welcomed to trek towards sustainable solutions. The trek is a blend of personal & professional empowerment, education & the tools to navigate through conflict, cultural, language & situational barriers toward collaborative solutions.

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