Over 16 years of eco & water expertise. Ongoing collaborative solution seeking as a Certified Environmental Health Professional (CEHP), Trained Environmental Scientist and Eco & Water Strategist.

women-led organizations • empowered, connected & equipped to collaborate for sustainable water solutions alongside community engagement & support

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for those who prefer to stay informed casually & up for a light trek through social media posts to catch the highlights & the occasional scenic view & dope vibe


for those who prefer to lean in with purpose & up-level the trek through clever maneuvers through content via webinars, e-books, live-streams, strategy sessions & any resources that leads to clarity, confidence and strategic steps forward


At this part of the trek we arrive at the space where:

Women Strategists’ Groups are organized & dedicated to being empowered, connected & equipped to strategize solutions as Environmental, Water & Sustainability Professionals & Leaders from a holistic perspective.


for those interested or directly aligned with environment, water & sustainability topics especially from the leader and/or professional vantage point; tap into the socials on monday


this summer is the summer for Black Women Strategists ( Environment


Trekking further we arrive at the space where:

Women are leading science-based organizations that empower, connect & equip, pre-collegiate teen girl scholars & undergrad women scholars. The scholars being prepared for current youth leadership roles & for future roles as Environmental, Water & Sustainability Professionals & Leaders.

This is a dynamic collective that serves as a bridge from the now toward innovation. Therefore both the women science organizational leaders & scholars are viewed from a community perspective where the Strategists’ & Stakeholders’ Groups are invited to collaborate as supporters & encouragers.


for those interested or directly aligned with pre-collegiate and/or undergraduate scholars being empowered & equipped to the current & future environment, water & sustainability change-makers; tap into the socials on wednesdays



“Alpha Gold Africa, a business service company is serious about understanding the inner workings of different industries. It is important that our services are effectively integrated to consider industry trends and standards.
Based on recommendations, Bekkah was invited to virtually present on the water sector. She managed to balance technical & scientific information with relatability.
The presentation was informative, well received and her water expertise will be sought after in the near future. Her expertise is highly recommended. “

Caroline Okello, Managing Director, Alpha Gold Africa, South Africa

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